Jesus; The Baby; The Man; Our Savior

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! My Christmas gift to you is a summarized story about Jesus that you can read to your entire family, tonight or tomorrow. Short, succinct, and truthful…

Jesus, born, then placed in a manger, weathering the external elements and with animals surrounding Him, is about as humble a beginning as any being can have. This was done on purpose to show us it is not riches, power, privilege, or a haughty attitude that makes one great, but rather your loving heart and your purpose. Jesus’ first breath on earth was God showing and explaining to us how He sees people (we are all equal no matter our socio-economic situation) and how we should see each other too!

Far and wide, the shepherds in the field (considered the lowest workers) were told the Messiah had arrived! The animals were stirred, and a star shone brightly in the sky to lead the three wise men to His side. Angels trumpeted and the entire earth rejoiced. Some people had no clue what the fanfare was all about. (Some still don’t; we pray for them) There was electricity and excitement that rippled from the sea to the mountains, in every country, city & town, and through the hearts of everyone who was alive at the time. What an amazing event and since that day we all celebrate His birthday with the same happiness, excitement, and joy that was felt well over 2000 years ago! Well, at least we should! (Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12)

Even as a boy Jesus acted a bit different. One time, when He was 12, and after His family left for the long trek home, unbeknownst to them he stayed behind at the temple in Jerusalem. When confronted by His parents, He said “I must be about my Father’s business.” (Luke 2:41-52) That comment must have seemed odd to everyone present, including His family. Although He became a carpenter like His earthly father (as was tradition in those days) at the age of 30, He headed out into the world for three years of preaching and teaching.

You see, even though He came to earth to teach and example righteous living, Jesus had shed His deity and became a man (incarnate) so He could feel, experience, and build compassion for all humans and the challenges/temptations that we face! In order to be a proper intercessor to the Father God, He had to put Himself into our shoes to fully understand the human dilemma. What a sacrifice!

After He was confirmed dead, He was placed in a tom

Jesus, as our Savior, sacrificed everything, including suffering unbelievable humiliation, pain/suffering, and the final insult; being killed in the most degrading way possible…hung from a cross with thieves at each side…being crucified as if He was the worst of all criminals.

His disciples and friends deserted Him, betrayed Him, and left Him alone to His fate with just the disciples John and Mary Magdalen and His mother, Mary, standing at His feet. How much worse could death be for any of us? It couldn’t…

Left alone, betrayed by almost everyone, He was mocked, tortured, and crucified before He was finally relieved of His earthly task and took His last agonizing breath. He took OUR sins upon Himself so that the Father, God, could look upon us as if we were squeaky clean in brilliant white, instead of the stains of sin draped around our bodies. (Jesus’ life and death can be found in the Gospels)

  1. When the ladies finally arrived to perform the ritual of preserving His body, they found the tomb empty. They rushed to tell the eleven disciples who were left (after Judas killed himself) then John and Peter rushed to the tomb, not believing His body was gone. Perplexed, despite Jesus having told them He would be resurrected for the salvation of mankind, they left and went back to the other nine. Confused and forgetting everything Jesus had revealed to them, each returned to the work they were doing when Jesus took them as His disciples.

Immediately, Jesus began presenting Himself, in Spirit/human form to hundreds of people, in many different scenarios (including the disciples in the upper room and next to the sea) over the following 40 days. (Luke, Chapter 24 & John, Chapters 20 & 21). You can read about His ascension in the Book of Acts.

In summary, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, let us remember why He came, the sacrifices He made for our eternal salvation, and all the compassion He showed us while He lived among us. Jesus came so that we might have FAITH in God/the Holy Trinity and the revelation of how salvation is available to everyone. He came performing MIRACLES out of His eternal LOVE, compassion, and mercy as He traveled extensively to teach us how to live lives pleasing to God. Most importantly, He came to give us the free gift of eternal salvation.

As you enjoy time with friends and family, eating delicious food, and exchanging gifts, remember the reason for this season! The most amazing gift of all is given freely by our Savior who loves us more than we could ever imagine. You are never alone. Amen.


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Love, hugs, and blessings, Lisa ><>

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