Guarding Your Soul in an Evil and Sinful World

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Every day I wake up and think is our “new” life a reality? I never thought such lies, degradation of our lifestyle, government corruption, and pure evil would exist, and even worse, be accepted by MANY in our country. Most of us can see it as the evil it represents, but there are still some people with blinders on.

The people who have eyes, but cannot see and have ears, but cannot hear are in the most danger of being deceived into risking their souls to acquiesce to the things of this world. Jesus warned us over and over and over again, but do you realize the time when “good will be considered bad and bad will be considered good” has FULLY INFILTRATED our society/world, therefore corrupting the minds of many people who consider themselves good? (The Bible talks about this state of confusing good for evil and evil for good 39 times, both in the New and old testaments. Look up the scriptures and heed the warning!)

Good must be measured by God’s standard of good vs evil, not the secular standard that surrounds and tempts us. We mustn’t follow human idols while giving God a Sunday here and there. We have been lured into a dangerous, sleepy darkness by material things and wanting to be like other people. God MADE each of us an individual, with a specific purpose and did not intend for us to chase money, fame, attention, and a more affluent life instead of focusing on HIS PLAN for us.

So many sad people are seeking, but never finding the true happiness and contentment that has been in their hearts since conception. God put Himself inside each of us and all we have to do is look to our Holy Spirit to find everything we need to live a prosperous, fulfilling, and peaceful life. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

With so many diversions and temptations around us, how do we protect our souls from being infiltrated and taken over by the demons on earth? First, we meditate on The WORD night and day. (Joshua 1:8) God is telling us that when we fill ourselves with what is good and righteous, the evil of the world cannot penetrate.

Two, we forget the so-called famous people, name-brand clothing (labels that impress men), looking for attention, and constantly seeking more of everything and anything that corrupts our soul, damages our body and removes us from the protection of God. I am talking about staying far from addictions to drugs, sex, fame, alcohol, games (mind diversion), popularity on social media, wanting what someone else has, (coveting) looking to thrill-seeking activities for a quick high, and the many other things in our world that divert us away from God and drags us into secular thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Three, remember Jesus said He looks at your HEART (intentions – 1 Samuel 16:7), not your body. He is far more concerned with what you think and desire than if you look good to “men.” Guarding your soul requires you carefully guarding your heart, desires, and intentions, not just your actions.

In summary, we must all guard our souls against the temptations of the earth. God says His children are not of this world (1 John 5:1-21) so the ways of this world should feel alien to us. We should not feel comfortable with stealing, lies, crime, being corrupt, murdering our children, deceit, power, wealth, and sin. If we are wealthy that is our sign that we are to give to others. If we are powerful, we should use that power to help others live better lives and not become egotistic and boastful. We should fight against worldly ways and stay close to The Word of God, His teachings, and his example.

KNOWING what is right, THINKING what is right, and DOING what is right shows that you are in God and God is in you. It protects and guards your soul against the corrupt nature of the secular world and keeps you on the righteous path.

I will end by asking you the think about Galatians 1:10. “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings or of God? Am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of God.” AND pleasing people means trying to impress people, not just following their sinful ways!!!

Guard your soul carefully. It is precious and valuable. Two entities are constantly battling for it! Who will you let win?

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Until next week, God bless with love and hugs, Lisa ><>



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