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The Ministry of Mercy for Christ is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, to heal the hurting, and feed/clothe the poor. I write and present a weekly sermon to our geographical and on-line congregations. Our outreach programs include working with abused children, providing for the aged/ill, and caring for the poor and homeless.  We do not have any payroll fees, as our workers are all volunteers and our administration costs are limited to updating computers, printing free information books, paper, etc. 


Pastor Lisa Mundt-Cafiero

Letter from the Pastor Reverend Lisa Mundt-Cafiero

My name is Reverend Lisa Mundt-Cafiero. I founded the Ministry of Mercy for Christ in 2008 in order to teach, help and save. We are a non-denominational church where you receive the WORD as God wrote and not as man altered it! My daughter Christina Mattingly directs the organization and volunteers work together to assist the church by educating & serving people, making disciples, and performing humanitarian missions.

As a 100% disabled Gulf-war veteran, I was frustrated by many illnesses and disabilities that prevented me from making what I considered a “real” contribution to the world. I did not want to sit around just utilizing resources and being depressed because I could not make a positive contribution to our world.

During an extremely long and agonizing period of illness, I picked up the Bible and it has been an interesting adventure since then.

Want to help our church?

All donations for services are deposited DIRECTLY into the church account. You will receive a statement of your previous year’s donation by January 31 of each year. All donations go DIRECTLY to support our missions and outreach programs.


Jesus vs Human Kings Sermon image

Jesus as King versus human kings (Be careful what you ask for…)    

By Lisa Cafiero | June 4, 2023

I started writing this sermon weeks ago. It has been running through my head since it came to me. MANY of you have no clue the following chapter even exists in the Bible but I highly encourage you to read the entire thing. The old saying that if you “don’t…

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Change Sermon Background Image


By Lisa Cafiero | January 8, 2023

Happy Sunday all! This is going to start out a little differently than usual. It will give you an opportunity to reflect on yourself and your priorities. I am going to purposely make this short. NOT because it can’t be longer, but because I have noticed the longer a sermon…

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I will come to speak or preside at these types of events absolutely free at no charge to you please contact me if interested. 

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About Us

The Ministry of Mercy for Christ is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, healing the hurting, and feeding/clothing the poor.

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